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Andrey Kiladze


The scutes located on the carapace of the red-eared slider Trachemys scripta elegans (Wied-Neuwied, 1839) have been modeled. Bioinformatics modeling of carapace’s scutes were carried out by utilizing the Voronoi decomposition and Delaunay triangulation method. These two geometric techniques allow the patterns of vertebral and costal scutes to be recreated. The proposed model may have a certain value for taxonomy as well as for estimating the symmetry of the morphological structures, which is important for the purposes of biomimetics.

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KILADZE, Andrey. BIOINFORMATICS MODEL OF THE CARAPACE SCUTE PATTERN OF THE RED-EARED SLIDER TRACHEMYS SCRIPTA ELEGANS (WIED-NEUWIED, 1839). Journal of Bioinformatics and Genomics, [S.l.], n. 3 (5), oct. 2017. ISSN 2530-1381. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 25 jan. 2021. doi:
Structural bioinformatics
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