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Igor Shabalkin


The study of special features of a new molecular DNA structure synthesis based on the fact that monomers transpositions can occur in the backbone of polymer chains according to the mathematical law known as a Fibonacci numerical series and «the Golden ratio» was performed. The example of the formation of a new DNA model demonstrates that there are dimers of three types in DNA structure:

  1. Dimers with phosphodiester bond P-O-C, [(s-p) + (s-p)]; [(p-s)+(p-s)];

  2. Dimers with phosphatic bond P-O-P, [(s-p) + (p-s)];

  3. Dimers with glycosidic bond C-O-C, [(p-s)+(s-p)].

Dimers of the [(s-p) + (p-s)] type are of special importance for the process of replication. For example, if an enzyme catalyst (DNA polymerase) interacts in the backbone of matrix thread with a dimer of [(s-p) + (p-s)] type during the replication process it leads to a thread break. The growth of the daughter thread does not occur until the enzyme catalyst finds the transition point to another matrix thread of DNA, which contains in its backbone monomers similar to those, necessary for the activity of the given DNA polymerase. Thus, during the process of replication the genetic material is redistributed in the cell, and each daughter thread gets the information about genes belonging to both matrix threads of DNA molecule. This pattern of cell genome changing may manifest itself in phenotype or genotype of the body in different ways.


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Shabalkin, I. (2021). DNA STRUCTURE, REPLICATION AND GENOME VARIABILITY CORRELATION. JOURNAL OF BIOINFORMATICS AND GENOMICS, (1 (1). https://doi.org/10.18454/jbg.2016.1.1.1 (Original work published September 15, 2016)
Systems biology


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